Crew Cohesion

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Crew Cohesion

Crew cohesion has been a hot topic within wildland fire suppression for the past several years and rightfully so.  Whether it is a fire crew, a work team, committee or basketball team, to be effective they must work together.  In the case of a fire crew, not only is effectiveness important but so is crew safety.   Investigations have shown a connection to lack of crew cohesion with fireline fatalities.

The ability of fire crew members to effectively work together has an impact on their ability to communicate with each other as well as with other crews.  Crew cohesion affects the quality of decision making, conflict resolution, and trust.

Following are links to crew cohesion training possibilities that will stress the importance of working together as a team and some ways for the crew’s leadership to assess and develop cohesion among their fire fighting crew.

 Crew Cohesion, Wildland Fire Transition, and Fatalities Crew ...
Appendix B—Fire Crew Cohesion: Previous Recommendations________ 15. Contents .... Part I—Crew Cohesion at the Mann Gulch, South Canyon, and Thirtymile Fires ...
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That element is group cohesion of a fire crew. Group cohesion affects group ... This article takes Jon Driessen's report on crew cohesion and provides ... -

Indicators of Success

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Crew Cohesion Assessment Tool. Purpose: In terms of crew cohesion, each crew is different, and even the same crew with the same ...

 Two Entrapment Avoidance Projects: Studying Crew Cohesion ...

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work practices crewleaders used to resolve crew cohesion problems on wildland fires. ... current project: crew cohesion and entrapment avoidance. ...
by J Driessen

MTDC Training, The Thirtymile Fire - Slide 110

Lessons Learned. Human Factors—Crew Cohesion. •, The NWR crew 6 included members from the Naches and Lake/Leavenworth Ranger Districts. ...

Microsoft PowerPoint - Video 3 FF Safety PPT final

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Crew cohesion. 10 standard fire orders. 18 watch out situations .... Poor crew cohesion increases chances for bad decisions leading to fatal incidents ...

Firefighter Cohesion and Entrapment Avoidance   (video)

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