Creative industries innovation fund 2014/2015

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  • A minimum of 80% of all available funding for awards in CIIF 2 will be allocated to creative businesses, and a maximum of 20% to sectoral development bodies

  • Awards to businesses will not exceed £10,000

  • Awards to sectoral development bodies are capped at £20,000

CIIF 2 is now open to all creative industries sub-sectors, but digital content themed projects from any area of the creative industries are encouraged. The programme will aim to support up to 40% of all available funding for awards supporting digital content themed projects.
Digital technologies are transforming creative processes and are creating new and dynamic relationships between content creators and consumers and provide new routes to market. 70% of the value and most of the growth potential of the creative industries in the UK lies in the content space. This can include areas such as animation; mobile/web content; e-learning/serious gaming; publishing; film; television; and music.
NB It is not essential to have a digital content element to your proposal.

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