Creative industries innovation fund 2014/2015

Other Sectoral Development Bodies

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Other Sectoral Development Bodies can apply for apply for a 100% grant to cover costs up to a maximum of £20,000, but priority will be given to those bodies offering partnership funding from their own or other resources.


All applicants are limited to one application per funding round.

BUSINESS MENTORING SUPPORT – (Business Applicants only)
Nurturing Talent and Harnessing Ideas was the title of a joint paper by the Chief Executives’ Forum and the Institute of Directors (IoD).
It advocated the potential of the creative industries to support economic development in Northern Ireland and highlighted that many creative enterprises could benefit from enhanced business acumen and expertise, and an injection of shrewd business direction.
The IoD are supporting CIIF 2 by providing a free business mentoring support, which will be available to businesses in receipt of a CIIF 2 award. Business applicants are required to indicate on the application form which area of business expertise they may wish to avail of.

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