Crash Course Video #26: Seven Years War

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Crash Course Video #26: Seven Years War


  1. What other names was this war given, explain why?

  1. Who were the main players in this war? Why is this a difficult question to answer?

  1. Where was this war fought? Why is this important?

  1. For what reasons was this war fought? Give several reasons

  1. Who did the Native Americans support?

  1. In what ways did the ideas of ownership of land differ between Native Americans and Europeans? Why were the French better liked among Native Americans?

  1. What role did Senegal and India play in the Seven Years War?

  1. What were the provisions of the Treaty of Paris?

  1. What were the human and economic effects of this war?

  1. Overall who won this war? Give 3 pieces of evidence to support your answer.

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