Crash Course: Mesopotamia Guiding Questions and Timeline

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Crash Course: Mesopotamia

Guiding Questions and Timeline
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1. What does “Mesopotamia” mean?
2. Early on in Mesopotamia, how did people get the food that they needed if they weren’t farmers?
3. TRUE FALSE EVERYONE in Mesopotamia became farmers as soon as agriculture was developed.
4. How did the physical geography and conditions of Mesopotamia affect the way that the people of Mesopotamia imagined their gods? And how did that lead to the social structure that was originally in place for the first 1000 years of Mesopotamian history?
5. After the first 1000 years of Mesopotamian history, who ended up replacing the priests as leaders? And how did that happen?
6. What was the primary purpose of writing early on?
7. What were some consequences of creating a written language?
8. What about the geography of Mesopotamia contributed to the invention of writing there?
9. What is a city-state?
10. How did the economics of the city-state change during the “city-states” period?
11. Why is Hammurabi important?
12. What is a meritocracy?
13. What important concept did the Assyrians introduce?
14. How did the Assyrians’ worldview contribute to their architecture, customs, and warfare?


Sumerian City-states


Akkadians (led by Sargon) take over the Sumerians 
Reign of Akkadian Empire


Amorites invade Mesopotamia
Reign of Babylonian Empire
Side note: 1792-1750BCE: Reign of Babylonian King Hammurabi


Assyrians conquer Mesopotamia
Reign of Assyrian Empire

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