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Course: US History Theme:

Focus/Big Idea(s):
  • U.S. Imperialism/Domination of the Americas

  • Spanish-American War

  • U.S. Foreign Policy 1898-1901

The imperialism of U.S. foreign policy before and during the Spanish-American War by studying the following primary sources: political cartoons, documents, maps, and film clips. Students will study maps of the Americas, primary source documents, cartoons, and film clips.

Culminating Assignment:
Culminating Assessment:

  • Critical Response

  • DBQ

  • Essay

  • Imaginative Writing

  • Project

Critical Response to U.S. Imperialism
Formative/summative assessments:

Critical Response to political cartoons, film clips, documents, and maps.

Essential Question(s):

  • How did the United States view of the Americas shape its foreign policy?

  • When did the U.S. foreign policy changed from Manifest Destiny to Imperialism?

  • How would you compare U.S. foreign policy in 1898 toward the America’s compare/contrast to today’s foreign

Policy toward Cuba?

PPS Standards:

Academic Vocabulary: (Content to Know)

  • Imperialism

  • Manifest Destiny

  • Foreign Policy

  • Spanish-American War

  • U.S.S. Maine

  • William McKinley

  • Theodore Roosevelt

  • William Randolph Hearst

  • The Philippines

  • Cuba

  • Battle of San Juan Hill

Skills to learn:

  • Write an essay on an important topic or theme of the course.

  • Interpret and evaluate primary sources using historian’s habits of mind to consider multiple perspectives and use historic evidence to develop and support a thesis.

  • Research topics/themes and share the information in essays, papers, oral presentation, discussions and visual projects.

  • Analyze primary source political cartoons, film clips and documents

  • Comparison/contrast

  • Ask, Acquire, apply and Analyze

Time Frame: (in Hours) 2-3 class periods

Instructional Design: Outline of lessons, in step-by-step progression. Attach additional pages.
1. Show students view political cartoons of the era (1898-1901): activity student examination and opinions on various cartoons and pictures.
2. Show students maps of North and South America to to develop a context of the situation in the Americas (1898-1901).
3. Students will view movie clips of the Spanish-American War –primary source
4. Students will study primary source document : William McKinley, “The Alternatives to Cuba,” 1898:
5. The teacher will: have students complete a timeline of twenty-five national events during the era 1870-1900.
6. The teacher will: have students complete an essay comparing/contrasting U.S. foreign policy of 1898 to U.S. foreign policy of today.

Resources and materials: (Text, links, videos, speakers, etc. Please note if available district-wide)
Note: The Gilder Lehrman Institute website may be used for this activity:

“The U.S. Becomes a World Power”

Additional supports and extensions: (TAG, SPED, ESL, etc.)

Bill Stack, 5/31/2016


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