Course Title: Advanced Placement United States History Course Description

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Course Objectives: It is hoped that the student

  1. will be able to compare and contrast the many divergent ethnic, cultural, and religious forces brought here by individuals who sought a new way of life.

  1. will be able to discuss and dispute the fact that Americans did not always make the correct choice:

i.e. the genocide carried out against Native Americans; the internment of American citizens of Japanese decent in World War II, the treatment of blacks, the oppressive years of slavery and discrimination of other minorities.

  1. will be able to understand how industrialization, urbanization, and technology has

changed the United States from a rural society to a modern industrial power.

will be able to examine and analyze American participation in wars, including America’s justification for involvement and the consequences of those wars.

  1. will be able to evaluate and critique the role of American women in U.S. History.

  1. to develop the following skills:

  1. Use a basic and comprehensive working vocabulary

  2. Select facts from the printed page and organize them (reading notes)

  3. Consult standard references and other sources including primary sources and find his/her way to the library and computer lab.

  4. Interpret maps, globes, charts, and graphs.

  5. Listen attentively to his/her classmates and outside speakers.

  6. Demonstrate the taking of concise, intelligent notes on what is heard in class (lectures).

  7. Separate fact from fiction and eliminate stereotypes.

  8. Speak with clarity and poise.

  9. Discuss the content and material thoughtfully and connect past issues with present concerns.

  10. Organize his/her thoughts on paper with proper attention to grammar and punctuation.

  11. Formulate, gather, and evaluate information of trends that have shaped our world.

  12. Analyze and solve historical problems with critical thinking.

  13. To develop and an introductory paragraph and thesis.

  14. Develop a paragraph and complete a term paper defending a thesis.

  1. Prepare in depth for the multiple-choice questions on the A.P.U.S. History Exam.

  1. Prepare and practice for the free response and D.B.Q. essays on the A.P.U.S. History Exam.

  2. Be able to analyze, synthesize, and write a lucid essay from a DBQ – Document Based Question.

  3. Synthesize and chart information in U.S. History available on the internet as research projects.

  4. Analyze and interpret the interrelationship between economic, societal, and political changes in U.S. history.

  5. Understand a sampling of American historiography and how various authors were affected by their social milieu.

Course Outline: Semester I (U.S. to 1860 Honors Course)

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