Course Title: Advanced Placement United States History Course Description

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Teacher: Mrs. Kristen Jordan
Policies and Procedures:

1. An atmosphere of respect for your peers, the teacher, and the classroom will be maintained at all times.

2. Students must be in their assigned seats when the bell rings. Students not in their seats will be marked

tardy and required to get a pass from the Dean of Students. Three unexcused tardies will result in a


3. Eating, drinking, gum chewing, applying make-up, doing homework for other classes, using cell phones,

ipods, or any disruptive devices, is not allowed.

4. Students are expected to actively participate in all classroom activities.

5. Students are to complete their own work unless told they may work together on a specific assignment.

Additionally, assignments are to be in the student’s own words. Students caught cheating (using

another’s work, supplying work to another, working with a student when not specifically allowed,

plagiarizing, improperly citing sources, handing in textbook notes found on the internet, etc.) will

receive a grade of failure on the assignment and the school’s academic integrity process will be


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