Course Title: Advanced Placement United States History Course Description

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Mrs. Jordan


Course Title: Advanced Placement United States History
Course Description: This one year college course examines the major political, social, economic, and religious themes that have contributed to the development of the United States. This course is organized chronologically and aims for students to grow in their understanding of the historical development of the United States and its people. Focus is placed on the examination of the detailed content of the course through the development of students critical thinking skills. Additional emphasis is placed on the improvement of writing skills through the use of document-based and free response questions in preparation for the AP examination. Students completing the course will be required to take the Advanced Placement examination in May; any student who does not take the exam will not have the AP notation on their official school transcript. A summer reading assignment, a major term paper, and outside readings will be required. College credit may also be earned through an arrangement with St. Mary’s University of Minnesota PACC Program.
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