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*Disabilities Services. Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the Student Disability Services Coordinator at (925) 631-4164 to confidentially discuss accommodation guidelines and available services. For individuals with qualifying disabilities, SDS will extend reasonable and appropriate accommodations that take into account the context of the course and its essential elements. Additional information may be found at:
*Integrity. All written and oral assignments are expected to be the sole product of the person(s) whose name is attached with complete and accurate attribution of credit for any references to the ideas, quotations, or contributions of others. Academic dishonesty (including but not limited to plagiarism, turning in someone else’s work, and lack of proper citation) is a violation of the Saint Mary’s College Academic Honor Code and will be referred to the Academic Honor Council. For more information on plagiarism or academic dishonesty, see the Academic Policies section of the Student Handbook.

Directory: sites -> default -> files -> attachments -> files
files -> Smc core Curriculum Course Proposal Fall 2013
files -> Español 140: Survey of Latin American Literature
files -> Application for Engaging the World, American Diversity Course Designation
files -> Application for Pathways to Knowledge, Social, Cultural and historical Understanding Designation
files -> History 110 Warfare in the Middle Ages Brother Charles
files -> Psychology 008 African American Psychology Spring Semester 2012 Instructor: Morenike Oshi-Ojuri, Psyd office: Phone
files -> Hist 163: Ethnic Identity and Conflict in China
files -> Smc core Curriculum Course Proposal Form
files -> History 132 The American Revolution and the Early Republic
files -> Core Curriculum Designation Proposal Theological Understanding: Theological Explorations

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