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Expectations for Exams and Writing—

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Expectations for Exams and Writing—(60% of course grade): including two quizzes (or more if necessary), one comprehensive final exam, and three assigned papers with opportunities for rewriting and expanding previous written work in order to practice writing as a process:

  • Quality. Papers should demonstrate an original, focused, and thesis-driven engagement with the questions, themes, and texts specified by the assignment.

  • Format. Assignments are expected to meet all specifications upon submission, including but not limited to a uniquely descriptive title, 1 inch margins, 12pt standard Times New Roman font, standard double-spacing without extra spaces between paragraphs, and a header of no more than 4 single spaced lines. Failure to meet length requirements or use of formatting techniques to lengthen or shorten papers, inappropriate use of quotations, and/or not addressing all objectives of a question will result in significant grading penalties. Websites such as Wikipedia, online study guides, personal webpages, and commercial sites advertising products are almost never appropriate! When in doubt, ask.

  • Revision. Revising papers offers a formal opportunity to practice writing as a process. Grades are “anchored” by the first assignment, meaning that your revision grade will not drop lower than the original grade but has the potential to improve it by one full letter grade. The criteria for revision grading are thoughtful response to original feedback, substantive reorganization of paper, reconceptualization of argument, strengthening of evidence and prose, and/or incorporating new ideas/insights from the course. Minor or merely cosmetic changes alone will not warrant a grading boost. [1 chance per semester]

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