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HISTORY 5: Western Culture and Ideas II (1500-Present)

Course Syllabus
Professor: Aeleah Soine Email:

Meeting Time: Office: Galileo 311

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Course Description—

This course will introduce students to “Western Civilization” as an evolving idea to be followed, redefined, and contested from the religious, social, and political upheavals of sixteenth-century Europe to contemporary debates over the role of Western values and traditions in an increasingly global society. Other topics and themes will include: early modern and modern state-building, daily life and popular culture, war and revolution, nationalism and imperialism, and European/global integration. Through critical engagement with historical narratives, primary sources, literature, and multimedia, we will consider how the persisting questions around political and cultural borders, social and economic stratification, and shared and contested values variably pushed and pulled Western communities closer together and farther apart—from each other and the rest of the world.

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