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Course Description:

The student will explore historical and contemporary trends and values in jewelry making with special emphasis on the local market and cultural environment. Although the course is based on a Western model, the student will also be introduced to concepts in indigenous African body adornment hernage especially in Uganda. The student will be introduced to jewelry studio practice, especially occupational health and safety with respect to the handling and use of materials, tools and equipment in the studio. The student will be introduced to the jewelry-making process from concept through drawing to finished piece.

Course Objectives

  • The student will develop an understanding of historical and contemporary jewelry making trends and values.

  • The student will develop an understanding of jewelry studio set up and practice

  • The student will be given an entry point into the process of jewelry making, ie how to conceive an original design, develop it on paper and then produce it using designated techniques, materials, tools and equipment.

Projected Course Outcomes

By the end of this semester the student:

  • Should be familiar and comfortable in the Jewelry studio, and should have acquired the necessary skills to enable him to use basic jewelry making, studio-tools and equipment

  • The student should be able to effectively and convincingly present and talk through their jewelry design ideas to a prospective client.

  • Will also have a good grasp of what jewelry making is about, and how the Western Jewelry making practice can be applied to the local situation.

  • The student will have produced several pieces of jewelry as part of his coursework exercises as well as a set of other pieces for his semester projects

Course Outline
Week 1-4: Elementary Concepts in Jewelry Practice

Duration: Essentially 1 Week, but this material will also be covered as components of other units) What is jewelry?

  • Short Historical exploration of Jewelry making in Uganda and in selected African and Western Cultures

  • History and origins of jewelry

  • Aesthetics of Jewelry

  • Types purposes/uses, roles in society,

Week 5-8: Occupational health and safety

-How to conduct oneself effectively and securely in a jewelry studio without causing injury to oneself or others studio practice:

-Introduction to studio tools and equipment Jewelry Materials:

-Introduction to studio materials

Week 9-11: Drawing for jewelry

(Duration: Essentially 1 Week, but this material will also be covered as a component of other units) • Introduction to sketching in jewelry making, as a research tool; recording, clarifying and developing ideas

Week 12-15: Introduction to Metal Smithing -Basic wire techniques: (Duration: 7 Weeks)

Students will explore wire as a direct Jewelry making material

  • Coiling: Necklaces, bracelets, bangles, earrings, rings, pins, hair, clips etc

  • Hooks: How to make hooks and their uses

  • Jump-rings: How to make jump-rings and their uses

  • Clasps: How to make clasps and their uses

  • Links: How to make a variety of links and their uses

  • Milling as applied to wire stock: Introduction to Milling as a forming, transforming and direct jewelry-making tool

  • Texture: Texture in jewelry as a surface embellishment tool

Semester Project:

Using your experience as a Year 1 Jewelry student, design and construct 3 different matching sets of jewelry consisting of neckpiece, bangles, bracelets, earrings, hair piece, ring and pin.


Unit 1 and 2 will be conducted in 2contact-periods. 7 Contact periods will be allocated to subunits in 3 one each, allowing time for individual student and assisted studio experiments and the remaining time used for expeditions.

Assessment Criteria

The assessed of student's' work will be based upon the following formula. The intended full marks will be divided into four parts each getting a quarter of the mark for one of each of criteria as set out below.

  • Design/Originality/Creativity.

  • Technique

  • Presentation

  • Functionality

References/reference material

Oppi Untracht 1982, Jewelry Concepts & Technology, Doubleday & Company Inc. London Pages 147-255

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