Course: Government Theme: Gov’t-forms, philosophies & principles

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Government- forms, philosophies & principles

Course: Government Theme: 1. Gov’t-forms, philosophies & principles

Focus/Big Idea(s):
Government-forms, philosophies & principles is about why government is essential to human beings in a society and the philosophy behind the US government.

  1. What is government?/the state?

  2. Philosophy Political theories

  3. Purpose of government

  4. Forms of government

  5. Democracy

Culminating Assignment:

Culminating Assessment:

1. Graded Discussion

    1. Compare and contrast historical political philosophies and determine which ideas are still relevant today.

  1. Imaginative Writing

    1. What would a life be like for a person living under a specific government?

  2. Modified DBQ

    1. Which political philosophies does the current US Democracy and leadership support?

  3. Unit Quiz

    1. 5 essential questions

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