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COURSE: American History I
TEACHER: Mrs. Sarah Kline
TEXT: The American Journey: Early Years

American History I will expose students to history from the beginnings of America to the pre-Civil War era (mid 1800s). Students will explore many of the events from this time period, which has shaped our nation. This journey will be chronological in order with the exception of current events, which we will discuss from time to time. Students will be involved in many different projects throughout the year; these may include art, research, writing, map study, and presentations in front of the class. Some of the projects will be completed individually, while others will involve groups.


  1. Introduction to Geography and Map Skills

  2. First Americans

  3. Exploring the Americans

  4. Colonial America

  5. Growth of the Thirteen Colonies

  6. The Spirit of Independence

  7. The American Revolution

  8. A More Perfect Union

  9. Government and the Constitution

  10. The Federalist Era

  11. The Jefferson Era

  12. Growth and Expansion

  13. The Jackson

  14. Manifest Density


1.Tests: Teacher-generated tests will be administered at the end of each unit of study. In general, tests will be worth 50-100 points. Any combination of multiple-choice, completion, short-answer, true/false, and essay questions may be used on any test.
2.Quizzes: Will be announced and will be weighted at 30% of the overall grade.
3.Homework Assignments: Homework will be assigned throughout each unit. Any homework assignment may be collected for a grade.
4.In-Class Assignments: Various in-class assignment and projects will be completed during each unit. Any in-class assignment may be collected for a grade.
5.Notebooks: All students are required to have a notebook to record daily notes and sample problems.
6.Quarter Grades: Your quarter grade will be determined by dividing the total number of points earned by the total number of points possible.

Course Outline



Essential Skills

1 week

Introduction to Geography and Map Skills

  1. Globes and Maps

  2. Map Projections

  3. Location

  4. Hemispheres

  5. Parts of Map

  6. Using Scale

  7. Types of Maps

  8. Geographic Vocabulary

2.5 weeks

First Americans

  1. Describe how agriculture changed the lives of early people

  2. Relate how the early civilizations of Mexico and Central America developed socially, politically and economically.

  3. Discuss how the way of life of the Native Americans of North America related to their environment.

2.5 weeks

Exploring the Americans

  1. Describe the events and technological advances that supported European exploration.

  2. Explain why Spain and Portugal wanted to find a sea route to Asia.

  3. Understand the ways in which Spain’s conquests affected the economic and social development of the Americas.

  4. Discuss why European nations established colonies in North America.

2.5 weeks

Colonial America

  1. Explain why the English settled in North America.

  2. Understand why the Separatist and Puritans left England and settled in North America.

  3. Described how the Middle Colonies developed.

  4. Explain how and why the Southern Colonies grew.

2.5 weeks

Growth of the Thirteen Colonies

  1. Explain how geography affected the economic development pf the three colonial regions

  2. Describe ways in which an American culture was developing during the colonial period

  3. Understand why conflict arose in North America between France and Great Britian.

2.5 weeks

The Spirit of Independence

  1. Describe how the Birtish government angered the American colnists after the French and Indian War.

  2. Explain how the colonist reacted to Birtish policies.

  3. Discuss how the American colonists and the British came to open warfare at Lexington and Concord.

3.5 weeks

The American Revolution

  1. Summarize the challenges faced by the American revolutionaries at the start of war.

  2. Explain how the United Stated gained allies and aid during the Revolutionary War.

  3. Discuss how fighting in the West and South affected the course of the Revolutionary War.

  4. Describe how the Battle of Yorktown left to American Independence.

2.5 weeks

A More Perfect Union

  1. Assess the effectiveness of the government under the Articles of Confederation.

  2. Explain why the Constitution is a document of compromises.

  3. Discuss the ideas and features found in the United States Constitution.

1 week

Government and the Constitution

  1. The Constitution

  2. The Federal Government

  3. State and Local Government

  4. Rights and Citizen Participation

2.5 weeks

The Federalist Era

  1. Identify the precedents that George Washington established as the first president of the United States.

  2. Discuss challenges the United States faced during Washington’s administration.

  3. Explain how the federalist and Republican Parties formed and identify issues about which they disagreed.

2.5 weeks

The Jefferson Era

  1. Discuss the ways in which Thomas Jefferson and the Republicans limited the powers of the government.

  2. Explain how the Louisiana Purchase affected the nation’s economy and politics.

  3. Identify the challenges to the nation’s stability during the late 1700’s and early 1800’s.

  4. Describe how the United States benefited from its victory in the War of 1812.

2.5 weeks

Growth and Expansion

  1. Discuss the effects of the Industrial Revolution on the U.S. economy

  2. Explain how land and water transportation affected westward expansion

  3. Explain how nation-building issues were resolved in the 1800’s

2.5 weeks

The Jackson Era

  1. Explain how political beliefs and events shaped Andrew Jackson’s presidency.

  2. Understand how Andrew Jackson’s presidency affected Native Americans.

  3. Describe how economic issues affected the president and presidential elections.

2.5 weeks

Manifest Destiny

  1. Discuss how the belief in Manifest Destiny influenced western settlement.

  2. Explain why Texas fought for independence from Mexico.

  3. Describe how Mexican lands in the West became part of the United States.

  4. Summarize the effects of the Gold Rush on California history.

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