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Reading Assignments and Course Calendar

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Reading Assignments and Course Calendar
Unit One: (September 10 – 21)

Introducing American Government: The first unit of the semester will analyze the key functions of government and students will be able to explain why they are important to the day to day course of government and people living inside of the United States. This first unit will allow for an introduction as to what are politics and how citizens can have a basic impact on public policy and conversely, how those policies can impact people. Finally, students will be able to also identify the key principles of democracy and outline theories regarding how it works in principle and the challenges democracy faces today.

Directory: cms -> lib4 -> WA01001311 -> Centricity -> Domain -> 155
Domain -> The following are excerpts from “The Jungle” by the muckraker Upton Sinclair. He described the filthy conditions of the meat packing industry in Chicago during the Progressive Era
Domain -> Plague Document Analysis. Use your own paper for this activity. You can take notes in your notebook for each document but your answers to the following questions should be on your own paper
Domain -> Analyze the social and economic transformations that occurred in the Atlantic world as a result of new
Domain -> Topic: Election of 1876 Questions/Main Ideas
Domain -> OpenStax College, introduction to sociology test Bank Questions
155 -> Chapter 6 section 3 alexander the great
155 -> Learning and commerce
155 -> Government and Business
155 -> Chapter 9 Section 1 notes The Progressive Movement
155 -> Manifest Destiny

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