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2. ABSTRACT (15 pts.):

Choose one of the critical articles (sign up via email) over the course of the term and write an abstract (max. 3 pages): 1) bibliographic information, 2) summary of the argument, 3) strengths of the argument and 4) weaknesses of the argument. (Sign-ups for readings via email by 3/20.) Rolling Due Date: The abstract is due the day before the lesson for your selected reading is due on the syllabus.

3. PAPER PROPOSAL (20 pts.) You will be expected to formulate individual paper topics that utilize textual analysis, industrial history and socio-cultural contextualization of THREE television programs from THREE different decades. The proposal should be no more than 2 pages and should include 1) your research question, 2) a thesis statement, 3) a rationale for the programs you have selected for this analysis and 4) an annotated bibliography consisting of at least 6 sources. The sources should include critical sources (You must have the paper topic approved by your instructor.)

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