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Wednesday 4/12 PROSPECTUS DUE via email by 5 pm PST
W 4/12 Welcome to the Social Sitcom

Reading: Newcomb, “The Artistry of Norman Lear” : Acham, “Respect Yourself…,”

Mary Tyler Moore Show*

M*A*S*H*, G. Oguss, “Whose Barrio is it?”

Screening: All in the Family, “Sammy’s Visit,” Good Times, “Getting Up The Rent,” Chico & The Man, “Pilot,” The Mary Tyler Moore Show, “Love Is All Around,” M*A*S*H, “Dear Dad”

Discussion Questions Due 4/13 by 11:50 pm
F 4/14 Lesson 12 The Faces of Quality: Eighties Excess & Eighties Earnestness

Reading: J. Caldwell, “Excessive Style,” B. Haggins, “There’s No Place Like Home” “Roseanne”*, J. Gray, “Television Teaching: Parody, The Simpsons, and Media Literacy Education”

Screening: Miami Vice “Smuggler’s Blues” (first 20 min), Dynasty, “Enter Alexis” (first 20 min) Hill Street Blues “Pilot,” & The Cosby Show, “Pilot” & Roseanne, “Pilot,” The Simpsons “Behind the Laughter”

Discussion Questions Due 4/16 by 11:50 pm (Extra Day for Discussion Questions)
M 4/17Lesson 13 Gender, Sexuality, Class & Race in the Post Network Era

Reading: Ouellette, “Victims No More,” Kim, “Sex and the Single Girl,” A. Vesey And K. Lambert, “I Can Have It All…” McCarthy, Ellen, Becker, “Gay Themed Television…,” Take My Wife Review

Screening: Murphy Brown, Ally McBeal, Sex & the City, 30-Rock Ellen,” “The Puppy Episode Pt. 1 & 2” Will & Grace, Take My Wife,

Discussion Questions Due 4/19 by 11:50 pm (Extra Day for Discussion Questions)

FIRST FIVE DUE Thursday 4/20 by 11:50 pm via email
F 4/21 Lesson 14 What Is This Thing Called Quality? (The Comedic & Dramatic Versions)

Reading: Haggins, “In The Wake of The Nigger Pixie,” N. Marx, The “Comedy Of Exasperation” And Satire TV In The Obama Era”, Mittell, “The Wire in the context of American television,” Warner: “The Racial Logic of Grey’s Anatomy,” Nussbaum, “The Westeros Wing”

Clips: Chappelle’s Show, Inside Amy Schumer, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, The Wire, Grey’s Anatomy, Game of Thrones (kinda)**

FINAL PAPERS DUE via email by Friday, 4/28 at 11:50 PM

Attach as Word Document (doc. or docx. ONLY).

No PDFs, Google Docs or Pages Doc will be accepted
**Links for this lesson TBA

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