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FMS 300 US Television & Cultural Studies

Spring B 2017

Dr. Bambi Haggins

Office: Language & Literature 647C

Office Hours: T 2:30-4:30 pm (call 480 965-3168, no messages)

by appointment (via email)


Skype: bambaloo47
This course is designed to provide an overview of American television (from the 1940s to the present) through the lens of cultural studies. While television programs will be surveyed in terms of genre (sitcoms, dramas, etc.), this course also endeavors to examine them as cultural artifacts and industrial products that reflect and refract issues of ideology, class, ethnicity, gender and/or sexuality. The course focuses on scripted television—with a few key exceptions.

This course demands “active learning”– please understand that you are going to be expected to utilize a variety of analytical skills (in addition to those that may have been honed with a bag of Doritos at your side and a remote control in hand). Expect to spend at least five hours per week including lecture and screening time, to stay current with readings and concept review as well as learning and reviewing course materials – and more hours prior to tests and paper due dates. This course prioritizes critical thinking and the establishment of a thoughtful intellectual community of learners in all aspects of the course. Through active involvement in this course students should learn how to articulate critical opinions and ideas about television and larger socio-political issues.

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