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The viewings listed in the syllabus are REQUIRED

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The viewings listed in the syllabus are REQUIRED. The films will be available online on Collab for streaming and are on reserve in the library (Clemons). You may watch them in either venue, but you must watch them before the date they are listed on the syllabus (we will be discussing the films on this date).

Your final grade for this class will be determined according based on the following assessments, weighted according to the following percentages.

Participation 10%

Shot-by-shot assignment 5%

Quizzes and in-class assignments 10%

Analysis1 20%

Analysis 2 20%

Final Project 35%

Participation: Participation will be assessed through attendance, participation in class discussion, and performance on group work and small in-class writing assignments. Your demonstration of engagement with course readings and screenings (i.e., being able to discuss and bring in examples from the screenings to class discussion) are part of your participation grade. If it becomes clear that not everyone is keeping up with the screenings, I may institute pop quizzes on the screenings and/or readings.

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