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Week 6 Poetic Documentary

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Week 6 Poetic Documentary

9/30 Beyond Argument: The Poetic Mode

View: Rain (Ivens, 1929); Sans Soleil (Marker, 1983)

Read: Nichols, “What Are Documentaries About?” (ID)

Read: Renov, “Art, Documentaries as Art” (DFB)

Optional: Helke, “Sacred, Mundane and Absurd Revelations of the Everyday” (DFB)

Due: Shot-by-shot assignment (5%)
10/2 Direct Cinema/Observational Cinema.

Read: Saunders, “The Triumph of Observationalism” (DFB)

Read: Hall, "Realism as a Style in Cinema Verite: A Critical Analysis of Primary" Cinema Journal 30(4): 24-50
Week 7 Observational Cinema: Authenticity and Ethics

10/7 Observational Cinema and the Ideology of the Apparatus

View: High School (Wiseman, 1968)

Read: Nichols, “What Kind of Documentaries Are There?,” pp. 109-123. (ID)

Read: Grant, “Ethnography in the First Person.” In Documenting the Documentary (ed Barry Keith Grant and Jeanette Sloniowski) Detroit, MI: Wayne State University Press (1998): 238-253. (C)

10/8 Ethical Issues in Observational Cinema

Read: Anderson and Benson, "The Myth of Informed Consent: The Case of Titicut Follies," In Image Ethics: The Moral Rights of Subjects in Photographs, Film, and Television (ed. Larry Gross, John Stuart Katz, and Jay Ruby) New York: Oxford UP (1988): 58-90. (C)

Read: Pryluck, “Ultimately, We Are All Outsiders” from New Challenges for Documentary (ed. Alan Rosenthal) Manchester: Manchester University Press (2005)

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