Correct use of the confederate flags committee annual report

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United Daughters of the Confederacy


September 1, 20


– August 31, 20


Chapter name and number


Division or Chapter Where No Division (CWND) name



Flags and flag-related items. List total numbers of the following items purchased for use at Chapter meetings or presentation to libraries, museums, schools, or other groups. If presented to library, museum, school, or other groups, give details on reverse of this sheet. All items listed may be purchased from the Business Office.

1. Confederate flags (individual or sets, all styles and sizes)


2. Code for the Correct Use of the Confederate Flag brochures


3. Flags and Seals of the Confederacy booklets


4. Decals/stickers: flags, UDC or CofC insignia


5. Pins: rhinestone flag pins, flag lapel pins


6. Paper items (12-packs): UDC insignia folded notes or place cards


Flag usage and observance. List total numbers for each question below.

1. Chapter meetings including salute to Confederate flag


2. Chapter meetings with program on Confederate flags


3. Confederate flag presentations on radio/television, at schools, or for other groups


4. Confederate flags flown by members on UDC Days of Observance


5. Confederate flags flown by members on other days


6. Confederate flags placed at graves/monuments on Confederate Memorial Day


7. Confederate flags placed at graves/monuments on other days


8. Letters written to commend/protest use of Confederate flags


9. Amount of money contributed to General for Massing of the Flags ceremony


Special projects. Describe in detail any special Confederate flag projects undertaken. Attach photos or programs as appropriate. If more space is needed, use reverse of this sheet.





For Chapter use. Enter Chairman’s name, address, telephone, and e-mail in space below. Complete

this form; send to the appropriate Division-level person by the Division deadline of


Number of Chapter meetings during the year


For Division/CWND use. Enter Chairman’s name, address, telephone, and e-mail in space below. Compile Chapter reports; complete this form; send to General Committee Chairman by September 15.

Number of Chapters in Division


Number of Chapters reporting


Chairman contact information.




Official UDC form revised 2005

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