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Follow Up Activity for this discussion

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Follow Up Activity for this discussion
Divide the den into two groups. Give each group a situation to role play. In each role play half the group wants to do the wrong thing and the other half wants to do the right thing. Encourage the Cubs to make up their own situations, and continue the role plays.

Honesty / Dishonesty Flip

Preparation: Put an "H" for HONEST on one side of a coin. Put a "D" for DISHONEST on the other side.

Read the situation out loud then have one boy give his response depending on which side of the coin is face up after being flipped.

Have boys tell what he would be doing or saying if he were being honest or dishonest to the following scenarios. Add more situations as needed.

  1. You want a candy bar. You only have enough money for gum. (Flip coin)

  2. You're sitting next to a smart boy at school. You can see the answers on his paper during the test. (Flip coin)

  3. You're supposed to read for 30 minutes every day but you didn't this morning. Your dad asks you if you did your reading. (Flip coin)

  4. You'd like to see a movie with your friends. Your mom says you need to do your homework first. You know you didn't do your homework yet. (Flip coin)

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