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(Hint: Don't tell the Cub Scouts this. See if they figure it out

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(Hint: Don't tell the Cub Scouts this. See if they figure it out. The best place to tag a person is on the foot.
They have to place one hand on the foot and
hop around, trying to tag another person).

Use this Character Connection after the game -

  • Do you know what being honest is? Did you do that in this game (Were you Honest?)? What about when you were touched but you didn’t think you were?

  • Is it important to be honest? Is it hard to be honest? Has anyone not been honest with you? How did you feel when you found out that they were not honest?

  • One part of being honest means not telling a lie. Are there other ways that we can be sure that we are honest?

  • How can you do that in your dealings with other students at school, with friends, or at church?

2005 Pow Wow Book Cub Scouting Forever by Great Salt Lake Council

Telling the truth and being a person worthy of trust. How do you decide what’s the right thing to do? Some decisions you make aren't terribly important. For example, you might decide to play basketball instead of going swimming. But other decisions may involve a choice between right and wrong, and sometimes it's not easy to know what to do. Whenever you aren't sure what's the right thing to do, stop and think! Ask yourself these questions:

  • What does my conscience—that "little voice" inside my head—say about it?

  • Could it hurt anyone—including me?

  • Is it fair?

  • Would it violate the Golden Rule? (How would I feel if somebody did it to me?)

  • Have I ever been told that it's wrong?

  • Deep down how do I feel about it?

  • How will I feel about myself later if I do it?

  • What would adults I respect say about it?

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