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Cubs in Shining Armor
2005 Pow Wow Book Cub Scouting Forever by Great Salt Lake Council
The Knights of old were men of honor. They knew that to be trusted they had to be trustworthy. They had to be honest with themselves and with others. Add in some more discussion on Knights and the Knight's Code.

Game: Flying Embers
Cub Scout Program Helps 2004-2005, page 6 August

  • One boy is “It”. Everyone else scatters in the playing area. On signal,

  • “It” tries to tag another boy.

  • If a second boy is tagged, that boy puts his hand on the spot where he was tagged. The player who is tagged becomes ”It”. He then tries to gag another Cub Scout while holding on to the spot where he was tagged. For example, if a boy is tagged on the head, he must place his hand on his head and then try to tag another person.

  • The game is played with only one ”It”.

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