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Game: I’ve Got It!

  • Cub Scouts form a circle. One boy is chosen to be “It” and stands in the center of the circle.

  • Cub Scouts have an object such as a small rock or eraser that can be held within a boy’s hand. Cub Scouts pass the object around the circle while “It” counts to ten.

  • “It” knows the starting point, but not the stopping point.

  • When the count of ten is reached, all Cub Scouts shout out “I’ve Got “It”.

  • “It” tries to guess which boy has the object.

  • The boy who does have the object is honest and if he is selected, he becomes “It”.

  • Follow this game with a Character Connection high lighting honesty. Some Sample Questions -

  • What does it mean to be ?

  • What does honesty mean?

  • Is honesty an important quality?

  • Is it always easy to be honest?

  • How do you feel when someone has not been honest with you?

  • Why do you think it is important to be honest?

  • What can you do to encourage honesty with your friends and family?

  • Is it fun to play with people who cheat? How do you feel when someone cheats? How important is it to play fairly?

  • Which is more important – to win or to be honest?

  • What can you do to help others to play fairly?

  • Can you show by example that it is better to play fairly?

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