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Day Hike and campfire – have them brush up on all the skits you taught them from Roundtable and come out for a big campfire. Plan a short walking hike to areas of interest ahead of time. Many County and State parks (For you Ohioans - like Fort Laurens in Zoar, and the Towpath trail) are great places to take short hikes – before settling in for a campfire or picnic.

  • Parent-Son baseball game – nothing caps off the baseball season like a parent- son baseball game. You can divide up the teams – with a parent going to one side and the son to other team. This usually keeps things calm for those that are over-competitive. You can play parents against the boys (usually great fun) but adults play opposite handed. They bat and throw with there non-dominant hand. Ok to catch the ball with either hand. If you have a Mom that was a softball champion, you may have her bat opposite handed too.

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