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CORE VALUE RELATED STUFF Connecting Honesty with Outdoor Activities

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Connecting Honesty
with Outdoor Activities

Adapted from B.A.L.O.O. Appendix E &

  • Hikes – Follow the outdoor Code when hiking. After a hike, report accurately what was observed and/or done.

  • Nature Activities - Listen to boys when they are participating in an activity and praise honesty when you hear it.

  • Service Projects – Make posters that address being honest with parents about offers of drugs. Make posters discouraging shoplifting. Aim posters at peer group.

  • Games & Sports – Play a game in which each player must apply the rules to himself (e.g. Golf, our sports loop and pin of the month require you to keep your own score). Discuss how honesty makes playing games more fun. Discuss how winning feels when you are dishonest.

  • Ceremonies – In a ceremony tell the George Washington Cherry Tree story or a story about Abraham Lincoln's honesty.

  • Campfires – Incorporate some good stories or skits about the benefits of being honest.

  • Den Trips - Visit a local bank or courthouse and include a discussion of honesty. Visit a local retail store and discuss security and shoplifting. Turn something in to your school's (or other organization's) lost and found.

  • Pack Overnighter – If the campground is an "Honor System" type, have the boys fill out the envelopes and pay the fees. Perhaps, set up a "Camp Store" that operates on the Honor System. Involve boys in counting the money so they see whether everyone was honest in paying. Discuss what the results might mean for future camping trips.

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