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The Rewards Can Be Great

Baltimore Area Council

President Kennedy said that intelligence and skill can function best when the body is healthy and strong ... hardy spirits and tough minds usually are in strong bodies.

The principle occupation of each boy while he is growing up is school. Think of yourself. Are you merely putting in time, or are you trying to get all the rewards that school has to offer? The rewards can be great. It is up to you!

Honesty is a Virtue

Commissioner's Minute, 2010-2011 CS RT Planning Guide

“Honesty is a virtue, whether it is noticed by others or not. Over the past year, we have been talking about the 12 Core Values of Cub Scouting. Let’s leave this year and start the new Cub Scouting year with all those values in mind. And remember that to instill these values in the boys, we need to practice them ourselves. Let’s be ready for the new year with honesty to ourselves and to the others.”

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