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Thank You

Equipment: A large card with "Thank You" printed on it

(Hold up the card.)

"Two simple words. Two important words that tell someone else you are appreciative, courteous, and thoughtful. We do many Good Turns for others. But do we always take time to thank others for a Good Turn done for us?

Let's all remember that a sincere thank you is your way of expressing gratitude for a Good Turn received. Remember to say, `Thank you,' to all of your heroes."

Do Your Best

Alice, Golden Empire Council

In Cub Scouts, our Motto is DO Your Best – I’d like to concentrate on the action word in that motto – DO. There are some things we can DO if we want to be honest – but they might not be easy!

We can tell the truth if we’ve done something wrong, or admit it when we have made a mistake. We can politely explain that it isn’t right if someone asks to copy our schoolwork, and we can be honest in doing our own work. We can express our real feelings without getting angry or exaggerating what happened. And maybe hardest of all, we can be honest even in the little things, or when no one is watching – that’s the real test of true honesty!

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