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(See the bar - long E - pronounced weebs)

Pamela, North Florida Council

Being honest means you tell the truth and are trustworthy If it were not for honesty, the older boys in the pack would be wēbs (weebs) not Webelos.

Being honest and trustworthy is related to loyalty. When we are honest and trustworthy, we keep our promises and can be counted on to be true to those around us.

We are loyal. Webelos means 'We'll Be Loyal Scouts.' Without honesty to make them 'loyal,' they'd just be wēbs (weebs).


2010 - 2011 CS RT Planning Guide

“Everyone has heard the story of George Washington and the cherry tree. Like so many stories, part of the story is true and part is exaggerated. It was exaggerated to make a point about his good character. That’s honesty. Have you ever done something not very acceptable and didn’t want to be honest about it? Have you ever been tempted to lie? It sits heavy right here (point to chest), doesn’t it? I bet that George was feeling bad about not wanting to tell the truth. He must have been feeling quite guilty and wanted to hide. But he had the courage to be honest. Being honest isn’t always easy, but there won’t be a weight right here (point to chest). And what else? People will believe you and trust you. Isn’t that important, to be trusted? So, boys, remember to be honest at all times.”

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