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Some Closing Ideas

Baltimore Area Council

Cubmaster instructs the Cubs and their Family members -

We’ve had a lot of fun today,

With families together in fun and play,

And now before we each go our way,

Let’s have each family take part in

‘Our closing for the day’.

Instruct each family to stand in its own Family Brotherhood Circle with hands on each other’s shoulders as all in unison say, “As a family, we pledge to do our best!”

Leader then says Goodnight.


  • Dens with family members could all stand in their own brotherhood circle while a CD player, computer, tape recorder(This article is dated), or other electronic device plays an appropriate song such as taps, vespers, etc. All may/are to join in but no one is to be forced.

  • Prior to the meeting record a soloist or a den singing a Family Vesper song to play back while dens stand in brotherhood circles. This makes a very impressive closing. Or have a Scout or den practice the vesper ahead of time and sing it live.

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