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Training Topics Plan a Summer of Fun! Get them OUTDOORS

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Training Topics

Plan a Summer of Fun!

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If your pack has not already planned some activities this summer, DO IT NOW! Go fishing or hiking in June, day camps and Resident Camp are in July, and have an ice cream social, family picnic or family camping overnight in August. Remember, you will need to promote and remind parents of your events to make sure they remember to attend!

Where to go – What to do?

Summer program is very important in northern areas. By not having an outdoor program for Cubs, you are missing out on the best three months of weather you get! Outings can be den, pack or family oriented. Here are a few ideas:

  • Family Overnight campout at an approved Cub Scout facility. These should have flush toilets for the convenience of younger boys and family members less comfortable with camping. Be sure your destination is approved by calling the Council office and asking if the facilities meet the Guide to Safe Scouting requirements.

  • Amusement Parks – almost everyone has an amusement or water park someone close. Call the park and ask about discount to groups or scouts. Many have special days with low rates just for scouts and families.

  • Family Picnic – A bring a dish, softball/volleyball/ scavenger hunt can be great fun, with very little work. There are a number of facilities to go to in the area, including pavilions for sunny or wet days. Check with the park department to see if you reserve a pavilion – or if it is first come first serve. You may need to send someone there early to make sure you get your spot.
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