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Honesty Defined by the Cubs

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Honesty Defined by the Cubs

Alice, Golden Empire Council

Set Up:
Before the meeting, have each boy make a decorated word strip with a word or phrase that stands for or describes honesty. Check the dictionary or a thesaurus for some ideas – and there are also some ideas in the Honesty Word Search under Gathering Activities.

Cubmaster: Well boys, we sure learned a lot about honesty this month. I was having a problem describing honesty when we started. How many ways can you say honesty?

Boys come out in a big group, post their strip on the wall and loudly say their word or phrase one by one.

Cubmaster: I think the boys of Pack____ have helped me understand what honesty means. Now comes the hard part – Living it! But let’s all try to be honest in all our dealings after we leave here tonight. Thank you all for coming!

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