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Thoughts For Life

Pamela, North Florida Council

Materials: Four large blue cards and four large gold cards with one capitalized slogan written on the front of each card and the lines to be read written on the back of each card.

Arrangement: Each Cub Scout holds up his slogan as he reads his line.

  1. (DO YOUR BEST): Do your best in everything you do on life's way.

  2. (BE FRIENDLY): Always be friendly to brighten another's day

  3. (GIVE AWAY YOUR SMILES): Give away your smiles for 'tis rewarding indeed.

  4. (BE PREPARED): Be prepared to help others in their daily needs.

  5. (BE HONEST AND SINCERE): Be honest and sincere toward others you meet.

  6. (BE LOYAL AND TRUE): Be loyal and true - a commendable feat.

  7. (COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS): Count your blessings and be thankful each day, for life's wonderful opportunities that come your way

  8. (GOOD NIGHT): Good night to each and every one of you. May these thoughts stay with you your whole life through.

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