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Honesty Character Connection for this Game

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Honesty Character Connection for this Game:

What does honesty mean? Is honesty an important quality? Is it always easy to be honest? Is it fun to play a game with people who cheat? How do you feel when someone cheats? How important is it to play fairly? Which is more important, to win or to be honest? What can you do to help others play fairly? Can you show by example that it is better to play fairly?

Pass the Message

2010 - 2011 CS RT Planning Guide

Divide the players into teams of eight to 10. Distribute members of each team some distance away from one another. Adult leaders or den chiefs whisper a message to the first players, who then go to the next players and whisper the same message, and so on.

When all teams are done passing the message, the last players repeat it out loud. Judge teams for speed and accuracy.

To make this game more challenging, make the distance between the players longer and see how fast and how accurately they can deliver the message. The longer the distance and the more breathless (thus less articulate), the more forgetful the players become. Include family members in this game.

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