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Den Leader (DL), 3 Cub Scouts

A pile of socks on a table.

Set Up:
Den leader sits behind table.

D L: Boys, I'm pleased to announce that our new Cub Scout socks have arrived! Please step up for your supply of clean socks.

CUB 1: I need four pairs.

DL: What do you need four pairs for?

CUB 1: I need them for Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

DL: O.K. Here are your socks. Next please.

CUB 2: I need seven pairs.

DL: What do you need seven pairs for?

CUB 2: For Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

DL: O.K. here are your socks.

CUB 3: I need 12 pairs.

DL: Wow, you must really be a clean guy! So why do you need 12 pairs?

CUB 3: Well, there's January, February, March, April...etc.

Camping With Sherlock Holmes

Utah National Parks Council

Two Scouts play roles of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson as they sleep under the stars.

HOLMES: Watson, what do you see?

WATSON: Why Sherlock, I see millions and millions of stars.

HOLMES: Yes, but what does it MEAN, Watson?

WATSON: Well, I suppose it means the sky is clear, it won't rain, and tomorrow will be a good day.

HOLMES: Yes, but does it mean anything else?

WATSON: Well, I suppose that with all those stars, there is the possibility of other life, even other intelligence. Perhaps some creature is lying on some planet looking at us.

HOLMES: Interesting. But does it mean anything else?

WATSON: Well, the majesty of the stars brings to mind the awe of life. In some ways, the heavens are evidence that we are not alone in the universe. Uh, Sherlock, what does this all mean to you?

HOLMES: Somebody stole our tent.

Please let me know
about Pow Wow's
and send me Pow Wow

I cannot do this job
without your help!!!

The Meaning of Honesty

Great Salt Lake Council

CM: What does it mean to you to be honest?

  1. I heard this rhyme, “Oh what tangled webs we weave, when we practice to deceive.”

  2. My mother said that a person who lied had to have a good memory to remember what lies he told and to whom he told which lies.

  3. I am honest when I tell the truth.

  4. I am honest when I do what I say I will do.

  5. I want to be honest so I will not cheat on tests.

  6. I learned that honesty is always the best policy.

  7. We demonstrate honesty by keeping the Cub Scout promise.

  8. Being honest as a Cub Scout prepares me to be trustworthy as a Boy Scout.

CM: I am pleased to see that you do understand the importance of being honest. It is my sincere desire that you will be honest every day of your life.

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