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The Story of the Black Plate

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The Story of the Black Plate

Alice, Golden Empire Council

The Story of the Black Plate, based on a Buddhist Morality play, has been turned into a simple play script that could be used as a scout skit with a little adaption. If none of the boys wants to be the mother and girl, just change the characters to an old man and a boy. The story is about a merchant who meets a poor adult and child with what looks like an old black plate. The merchant knows the plate is really silver, but he tries to take advantage of the situation. The next day, another merchant is honest about the value of the plate, and ends up with it. Go to: and scroll down to the red text.

There are also other play scripts available, including one about the Honest Woodcutter, which could be adapted for cub scouts to use. That specific play is found at

Cub Scout Socks

Utah National Parks Council

Download 5.45 Mb.

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