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Great Salt Lake Council

  1. How did the Private eye find the missing barber?

  2. Where did the detective find the lost belly button?

  3. What can't a detective ever find, after he has lost it?

  4. Did you hear about the two cops that walked into a building?

  5. What do you get when you cross a cop and elephant?

  6. What kind of rocks are in the Jordan River?

  7. Why did the helicopter crash?

Answers To Run Ons -

  1. He combed the town.

  2. At the Naval reserve.

  3. Time.

  4. You would have thought that one of them would have noticed it.

  5. An elephant that helps little old ladies across the street.

  6. Wet ones.

  7. It got so cold the pilot turned off the fan.

Alice, Golden Empire Council

A Little Too Honest
The little boy came to his Dad and reported that he had dropped his toothbrush in the toilet. So his Dad fished out the toothbrush and threw it in the garbage. At that, the boy ran to his Dad’s bathroom and brought his toothbrush out and threw it in the garbage. “Why did you throw my toothbrush away, son?” “Well, I dropped YOUR toothbrush in the toilet the other day” said the son!

Honest – He’s Just a Big Scout!
A member of the United States Army was standing in line in a grocery store, dressed in his olive drab fatigues. He noticed a young boy with his mother – and the boy was really staring at the officer. So he gave the boy a crisp salute.

The little boy’s eyes grew wide and he told his mother – “Look Mom, a GIANT BOY SCOUT!”

A Modern & Honest Answer
The teacher arranged her students in a circle and then asked each student in turn a question.

Teacher: Davey, what sound does a cow make?

Davey: A cow goes Mooooo.

Teacher: Charlie, what sound does a cat make?

Charlie: A cat says Meow.

Teacher: Jamie, what sound does a sheep make?

Jamie: A sheep says Baaaa.

Teacher: Jennie, what sound does a mouse make?

Jennie paused for a moment, then got an idea
and said “Oh, a mouse goes Click!”

Honestly, They’re MINE!
The little three year old boy put on his own shoes and went to show his Mom.

“Oh, son,” said his Mom, “you did a good job. But your shoes are on the Wrong Feet!”

The boy gave his Mom a look and then said, “You can’t fool me, Mom – I KNOW these are MY feet!”

Well, at least they’re Honest!
A father gathered his five children together and put a toy on the floor in front of them. He explained he had won the toy in a raffle – and he was trying to decide which one should get the toy. So he asked the children “Who is the most obedient?” There was no answer, so thinking they didn’t understand the word, he asked, “Which one always does what Mommy asks?” One of the children picked up the toy and handed it to his Dad. “You win, Daddy!”

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