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Mother or Father: Son, there were two pieces of pie that were on the shelf last night. Now there is only one. How did this happen?

Son: I don't know. It must have been so dark, I did not see the other piece.

SCC Council

  1. Did you hear about the kid that always wore two different colors of socks?

  2. Yeah, his mother told him to never touch matches!

Circle Ten Council

Cub 1: I can lift an elephant with one hand.

Cub 2: I don't believe you.

Cub 1: Give me an elephant with one hand and
I'll show you.

Cub 1: I can bend bars with my bare hands.

Cub 2: Iron bars?

Cub 1: No, chocolate bars.

Cub 1: Why are you jumping up and down?

Cub 2: I took some medicine and forgot to shake well before using.

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