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Constitution Cheer: We the people, APPROVE!

Cub Scout Yell: "Do Your Best! Be Prepared! Shout! Shout! Shout! Wolf Cub! Bear Cub! Webelos Scout!"

George Washington Cheer: That was great.
I cannot tell a lie.

George Washington Variation: Hold a pretend axe and swing it at a tree while saying,
"Chip, chop, chip, chop, TIMBER!"
then yell, "WRONG TREE!" or

Mount Rushmore Cheer:

Silent Yell: Raise both fists to level with hand and shout without any sound while shaking both fists. Or else have everyone stand in unison and open their mouths and scream without making any sound.

Sonic Boom: Open mouth and clap hands silently, wait a couple of seconds and yell “BOOM”! or

Instruct audience to do "Silent Yell" above, and that then you will count to three. At three, they scream.

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