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Honesty is the Best Policy Cheer

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Honesty is the Best Policy Cheer
Repeat three times, getting louder each time: “Honesty is the Best Policy! Honesty is the Best Policy! Honesty IS the Best Policy!”

Francis Scott Key Applause:
Put your hand over your eyes as if looking in the distance. Then shout “The Flag is Still There!”

Coast Guard Applause:
Everyone stands at attention, gives a crisp salute, and says “Semper Paratas - Always Ready!”

Perseid Meteor Shower Applause:
Ask for two volunteers from the audience; explain to them that they are to randomly raise an arm and make an arc as if they are a meteor – the “meteor can come from any direction and either arm. Sound effects would be great, too.

Instruct the audience that they are watching for meteors, and whenever they see a “falling star” they are to follow it by moving their head as they say “Wow – did you see that one?” and point to the “meteor.”

Now, all three of you, as you each choose, describe the arc of a meteor several times, so the audience can give the applause at least three times.

Watermelon Cheer
(In honor of National Watermelon Day on Aug. 3rd)
Pick up your slice of watermelon, eat big mouthfuls, then spit out the seeds.

Pamela, North Florida Council

Coo Coo: Everyone nod their heads up and down and say: "COO-COO" as many times as you tell them, as if you were striking the hour.

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