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Cub Scout Rap

Baltimore Area Council

Yo! We are the Cub Scouts of Den One!

When we get together we have some fun!
We won't be late; we ain't no fools!
'Cus being a Cub Scout is really cool!

We learn a lot; it's not all plate

We're working hard to find our way!
We're growing up; it won't be long
So, put your hands together and Join our song!

ONE!(clap) TWO! (clap)

THREE! (clap) FOUR! (clap)

Cub Scouts are super.

Cub Scouts are strong.
Cub Scouts gonna teach us
Right from wrong!

Cub Scouts don't cheat.

Cub Scouts don't lie.
Cub Scouts don't do drugs-S ay!
I don't want to die!

Cub Scouts are righteous,

We try to get along.
Cub Scouts are good friends-
You'll find you can belong.

HUH! ewh, ewh, ewh, ewh,

Yo Cubbies! Yo Cubbies!
Yo Cubbies! Yo Cubbies!

Download 5.45 Mb.

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