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Honesty Songs

Honest & True

Alice, Golden Empire Council

(Tune: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious)

This has actually turned into a personal challenge –
to come up with a song each month using
this tune – so here goes. Alice

If you have internet access go to
to hear the tune

Honesty’s a policy that helps you to be True,

When you always tell the truth
Your friends can count on You
If you’re always steadfast,
You can stand up for the Right
All your words will stand alone,
And in the brightest light

If you‘ve made a wrong choice,

It’s much better to be True
Quickly tell what happened
And your friends will stand with You
If you are Accountable in all you do and say
Your word will be accepted as you go along your way!

Consequence will follow – it depends upon your choice

Pinocchio had a cricket,
but you ALSO have a Voice
And if you listen closely,
Your pathway will be clear-
Just listen to your conscience
And you’ll never have to Fear!

So if you want to be a Scout

Be Trustworthy and Fair,
Remember first to have a plan,
And not just take a dare!
Your reputation’s solid if you always say what’s True,
You’ll earn a place of honor –
other scouts will follow YOU!

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