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Weaving Our Way to Honesty

Alice, Golden Empire Council

Before the meeting, have each boy make a woven Flying Machine as described under Gathering Activities. Make sure each boy writes his name on each stick – they can also be decorated with individual designs. During the meeting, call forward each boy receiving an award in turn.

Present the awards as usual, with each boy giving his parent the parent pin and each boy receiving rank advancement from a parent or guardian.

When all the awards have been received, call up the boys, hand them a Flying Machine, and review the situation.

Narrator: Like all scouts, these boys receiving awards tonight are following the values of Scouting - and being honest about the work they have done to earn each advancement.

Congratulation to each of you on your achievements this month – and on being Honest in all your choices and in completing the required work. You boys have really “exploded” with advancements this month!

As pre-arranged, all the boys toss their Flying Machines at once, then gather up their machines.

Narrator: It’s an Explosion of Honesty! Let’s Give them all a Cheer! (Do the “Honesty is the Best Policy” cheer.

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