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Compass Den Chief Recognition

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Compass Den Chief Recognition

2010 - 2011 CS RT Planning Guide

Materials: Certificate of appreciation, compass, one flashlight for each Cub Scout in the den

Personnel: : Cubmaster (CM), Den Leaders (DL), Den Chief, Cub Scout Den

(Turn down the room lights and ask everyone to stand. Have the Cub Scouts form two lines facing each other. They shine their flashlights at an angle on the floor so the beams cross. The Cubmaster calls the den chief forward to walk the lighted pathway. The den leader presents the certificate.)

DL: It is my honor and pleasure to present this certificate to you along with this compass. The boys chose a compass because of the direction you gave them while guiding them in their den and on their Cub Scouting trail.

The boys of your den would now like to do their den yell for you. (Boys do their den yell.)

Thank you for your dedication, enthusiasm, and leadership!

Download 5.45 Mb.

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