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Den Chief Induction

2010 - 2011 CS RT Planning Guide

Materials: Den Chief cords (or Webelos Den Chief cords, as needed), one for each Den Chief being honored

Personnel: Cubmaster (CM), Den Leaders (DL)

CM: Tonight we would like to recognize some very special new leaders in our pack. Will the following Scouts please come forward? (Call the names of den chiefs. Den chiefs come to the front and line up facing the audience.) These young men have been selected to serve as den chiefs for Pack ___ this year. They have been selected because they have shown leadership skills. They will help the dens they work with by setting a good example in attitude and uniform, being a friend to the boys in the den and helping them achieve the purposes of Cub Scouting. (Face the den chiefs.)

We, the leaders and families of Pack___, welcome you to our leadership corps. Your troop has presented you the badge of office. We would now like to present you the den chief cord, which is worn on your left shoulder. Den leaders, please place the cord on the den chief who is working with your den. We thank you for the service, enthusiasm, and the fun you will bring to your dens. Let us honor these Scouts with the Stamp and Clap Applause (page 29).

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