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Sherlock Holmes hurried 'round to the address listed in the paper to Detect if there were possibilities to Investigate this disappearing act done by a Dr. Watson. When he reached the structure he found that the ad had been placed by the landlady/housekeeper of an Old Soldiers' home. A really boring place, wherein resided a group of Old Soldiers from the Boer War. In chatting with the Old Soldiers there and the landlady/housekeeper he was really Investigating the activities of Dr. Watson. From the information he got from the Old Soldiers and the landlady/housekeeper, Mrs. Jones-Ridley, he Detected that Investigating this case of the missing Dr. Watson could turn out to be the best chance for Sherlock Holmes to make a name for himself.

The game was now officially "afoot"; he put his foot on the sidewalk and started to do what a Detective always does, put the pieces together. Sherlock Holmes had gathered all of this:

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