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A Trip To The Beach

Pamela, North Florida Council

The whole audience

  • Responds with "Aaaaah" in AGONY whenever a number for temperature is said, and

  • Sighs with "Ahhhh" in RELIEF when the word water is said.

It was a balmy summer day, and the temperature had reached 80 by 7 A.M. The forecast called for highs near 100, So we decided it would be the perfect day for a trip to the beach to play in the WATER. We got in the car. The car had been parked in the sun, and it had to have been a MILLION degrees inside.

On our way to the beach, we stopped at a convenience store for ice cream and a few bottles of WATER. We arrived at the beach and it felt like it was 98 degrees. We spread out our towels on the beach and took off our sandals. The minute our feet touched the HOT sand, we were in pain.

We ran to the WATER to cool our scorched feet. Our feet immediately felt better. They no longer felt like they were being cooked at 400 degrees. So we stayed in the WATER.

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