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A Matter of Honesty

Alice, Golden Empire Council

Assign the audience to take a part and practice the response they are supposed to make whenever their assigned name is mentioned.

Brother - A Scout is Trustworthy

Mother - Honesty is the Best Policy

Dad - Always Ready

Den Leader - Do Your Best

Narrator: This is a story about a Boy Scout, a MOTHER, A Father (Who is also in the Coast Guard), a DEN LEADER and a Cub Scout.

Johnny Cub Scout has found a $5 bill on the sidewalk – he was trying to observe everything as he walked – his DEN LEADER had just been teaching the boys to really notice what was around them. Boy, his DEN LEADER was really going to be proud of him for seeing that $5 bill! Johnny Cub Scout was really excited.

First he told his BROTHER, a Boy Scout. “How should I spend it?” he asked. His BROTHER said, “You shouldn’t spend it – it belongs to someone else!

But Johnny Cub Scout really wanted to spend the money. So he asked his MOTHER – “Hey, Mom – Look what I found on the sidewalk! How do you think I should spend it? “Well,” said his MOTHER, “ It must belong to someone else – so I don’t think your should spend it at all. “See” said his BROTHER. Then his BROTHER said to his MOTHER – “That’s what I told him!

About that time, DAD got home from the Coast Guard Station. “How has your day been, son?” said DAD. “Well, DAD,” said Johnny Cub Scout, “I just found $5 whole dollars on the sidewalk, and I was trying to decide how to spend it!” “Hmm” said DAD, “It seems to me that $5 belongs to someone else. I think you should try to find out who lost it.” Both MOM and his older BROTHER said – “That’s just what we told him!” But DAD said to Johnny Cub Scout – “It’s up to you, but don’t you think you should try to find the real owner of that money?” “I agree,” said MOM. “Me too” said his BROTHER.

Johnny Cub Scout went off to think about that money. And they he had an idea – he’d call his DEN LEADER – she would understand. And she’d be really proud that he was really observing things on the way home. So Johnny went to the phone and called his DEN LEADER. When he told her what had happened, the DEN LEADER said – “Well, Johnny – I am really proud of you for being so careful to observe everything on your way home. But I think you should try to find who lost that $5 bill. Think about this: What if YOU had lost that $5 bill? Would you want someone to return it?”

Well, Johnny Cub Scout hadn’t thought about that before. “Thanks!” he said to his DEN LEADER – I’ll try to find the owner. So he checked with his neighbors first – and sure enough, the lady who lived next door had been looking for the $5 bill she dropped when she was bringing in the groceries. She was very happy when Johnny Cub Scout returned her money.

“Good job, son” said DAD when he heard what Johnny had done. “I’m proud of you,” said his MOM. “That’s exactly what a good scout should do,” said his BROTHER. “You made the right choice” said his DEN LEADER. And the surprising thing was that Johnny Cub Scout was happy too! It mad e him feel good to know he had been honest!

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